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Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

experience lasting recovery

Bee Cave Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment for those battling drug and alcohol addiction. Our program brings a dedicated team of professionals to help individuals start their path to recovery.  

Restoring Lives and Building Communities








Not everyone that drinks alcohol or uses a drug will become addicted or an alcoholic. But for some of us, that can happen. A common misconception is that drinking is a choice or using drugs is a moral defect in a person and they can just stop at any point. This is not true. Addiction is a disease. People with addiction lose control over themselves. They seek out drugs and alcohol at the risk of damaging friendships, hurting families and losing jobs. 


There are many reasons why someone can become addicted. We help our clients to get to their root cause and start to heal from their trauma and shame. The brain of an addicted person has changed over the course of starting drugs and alcohol and we can help them "re-wire" their brain with proper tools and interventions. Using a 12-Step model, we start with the first three steps and heavily focus on relapse prevention. We keep our members accountable and encourage them to stay focused in the AA and NA fellowship. 

You don't have to ever drink or use a drug again if you don't want to. If you or your loved one wants to begin the road to recovery, we are here.


Call us to learn more about our affordable rates and our hybrid model of virtual and

in-person programming. 


Bee Cave Recovery is a community-based nonprofit treatment center devoted to fighting the alcoholism and addiction crisis in our community. We believe that everyone who struggles with drugs and alcohol can experience lasting recovery.

IOP Services

Aftercare Groups


Individual Counseling

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Support Group

Dennis, I want to say thank you and let you know how grateful I am to have you in my life. I had one year sober on Sunday and I have been reflecting back on the year. It’s so much more than being sober. I am genuinely happy today. Thank you isn’t enough, but I want you to know I am so grateful for what you do. You touched my life in more ways than you will ever know.


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