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Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to provide treatment that fits into daily life. Meeting four evenings a week for eight weeks, clients are able to maintain employment, as well as family and community involvement. Having the opportunity to practice complete abstinence and new coping skills in the “real world” while engaged in treatment is the basic formula for successful recovery.

Our weekly schedule is tailored to our clients to help them gain the skills needed to continue their sobriety. Our Twelve Step Facilitation model uses an evidence-based curriculum that promotes abstinence from drugs and alcohol and incorporates three key ideas: acceptance, letting go and active involvement. 

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The realization that addiction is a chronic, progressive disease over which one has no control. 


Involves giving oneself over to a higher power and following the recovery activities laid out by the 12-step program.


This is done through

12-step meetings, self-improvement and mindfulness activities.

Bee Cave Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment, also known as IOP. IOP is an appropriate level of care for those that do not require detoxification nor need round-the-clock supervision or care. Many of those looking for IOP programs have just finished detox, residential treatment, or are able to be at home and continue working while staying involved in family and community activities.

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Who is appropriate for our program?

  • Those that need to transition from a residential treatment setting to an independent recovery where they can still be at home or live in a sober living environment.

  • Those that need a lower level of treatment and residential is not necessary.

  • Those that may have relapsed and need a re-start.

  • Those recovering from a severe addiction.

Your loved one's experience here is customized specifically for them. After a highly focused assessment, we tailor a treatment plan to help them get started or continue their early recovery process. We go through their history with drugs and alcohol, their level of commitment and their desired outcome. We know that every person that comes through our door can achieve sobriety if they so desire. As a 12-Step facility, we focus on the first three steps and also reinforce relapse prevention, accountability and essential life skills that are necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle.

We treat the mind, body and spirit with the result being total and long-term abstinence, and the building of hope and restoration of lives. Our structured program helps men and women become healthy and whole, while also teaching them how to rebuild their lives from the bottom up.

We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment so that our clients can begin their recovery with a calm and peaceful mindset. We have found that meditation has been an added benefit to the recovery process. Even those with years of sobriety practice daily meditation in their lives. We incorporate a weekly meditation program that is an effective tool that can be learned and used throughout daily life to alleviate stress and help clear the mind.


If you are ready to take the next steps toward sobriety, call us and we can help. Our admissions staff is ready and here for you.

**Click here for more information behind the success of this 12-Step model. The Cochran Review discussed in the article can be found here.**



Along with Intensive Outpatient Treatment services, we offer individual and family counseling and aftercare each week.

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