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Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is designed to provide treatment that fits into daily life. Meeting four times per week for eight weeks, our clients are able to maintain employment, as well as family and community involvement. Having the opportunity to practice complete abstinence and new coping skills in the "real world" while engaged in treatment is the basic formula for successful recovery.

Group Discussion
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Support Group

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique problems for those with substance use disorders and those in recovery. We understand the problems you or your loved one faces during this time. Because we know that financially the cost of many IOP programs are nearly unattainable for those right now, we have reduced our costs by nearly 70%. Call us to learn more about how we have made our IOP affordable to those that seek recovery. Anyone who signs up now will have these new rates. We are offering in person and telehealth services during this time.



Along with Intensive Outpatient Treatment services, we offer individual and family counseling and aftercare each week.

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